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4 in 1 Pets Feeding Bowl

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Your Complete Solution for Hydration and Cleanliness

Our innovative design seamlessly merges a drinking trough with a cup, prioritizing both ergonomics and convenience. This intelligent combination not only satisfies the need for easy one-handed operation but also empowers pet owners to effortlessly provide water to their furry friends without worrying about leaks, even when the cup is turned a full 360 degrees. To top it off, a convenient lanyard ensures it's a breeze to carry wherever you and your pet go.

Effortless Hydration: Equipped with a generously sized drainage button, ensuring that water flows instantly as soon as you press it. This feature is not just reliable; it's exceptionally safe. The button cleverly resides at the bottom, locking the water securely in place. Plus, an integrated silicone seal guarantees double waterproofing, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, a prolonged press and cup elevation allow excess water to flow back in, minimizing waste.

Pet-Centric Design: Our high water capacity and O-shaped drinking trough cater to your dog's unique oral structure, preventing messy spills. It's designed for dogs of all sizes and can accompany them on outdoor adventures for extended periods.

Ease of Use and Portability: With its reasonable size, it's incredibly easy to carry and operate. It's not just a water container; it's a multi-functional tool that simplifies both hydration and clean-up. Say goodbye to worries during travel.

Poop Cleaning Made Simple: Included in this all-in-one solution is a convenient poop shovel that attaches seamlessly to the cup when not in use. Whenever needed, just detach it, place a garbage bag, and ensure a safe and hygienic clean-up without harming the environment.

Built-in Garbage Bag Storage: For added convenience, portable garbage bags are neatly stored at the end of the cup. Whenever you require them, simply pull one off gently for a quick and hassle-free solution.

Environmentally Conscious Materials: Crafted from healthy and environmentally friendly food-grade ABS+PC materials, this product boasts a bright and clean surface. It's not just durable but also high-temperature resistant, ensuring it will stand the test of time. Each component can be easily disassembled and used independently, making cleaning a breeze. Rinse each part with water, and wiping away any mess is a breeze.

A product that seamlessly combines convenience, cleanliness, and sustainability. Say hello to worry-free adventures with your furry friend!


Product Size:
32,5x9,6x9,6 cm / 12.8x3.8x3.8 in

300 ml 

4 in 1 Pets Feeding Bowl - Cosypaws
4 in 1 Pets Feeding Bowl Sale price€39,99 EUR Regular price€49,99 EUR